• Fork crown detail work for Greg’s fixie.  I’m making the points actually pointy.  This fork will have tear drop shaped fork blades!
  • Greg’s chainstays, mitered.
  • Over the past winter I have come to realize that I was totally wrong about fatbikes.  I had seen them as an interesting novelty with not a lot of practical applications.  I had also never ridden one.  After borrowing a Surly Pugsley a few times for biking in the snow, I was sold on the platform.  I’ve always lived where the winter season and biking clash, and I’ve tried to keep a positive attitude about winter riding, but only on a fat bike did I ever actually have a blast riding in the winter.  These bikes are a ton of fun every time I hop on one.  That alone is incredibly valuable!  Even more, these bikes are great for all sorts of riding.  I’m especially excited to ride it down stairs, over any/everything, for trail riding, and for bombing around town.I’ll just call this bike purchase an ‘investment in the r&d dept. of Cobra Frames.’  Rest assured I’ll be building a frame for these parts after I get enough riding in to get some opinions about Surly’s design.
  • Tapered head tube!  This will hopefully be an elegant way to produce a frame for a 1.5” tapered fork.  The down tube will need to be mitered at least in part by hand because the section of the head tube that it mates to isn’t cylindrical — it’s conical.  And I don’t have a way to machine miter  for that.It’s going on an extra light weight road bike frame and will be mated with an Enve fork.
  • This is what’s known in the biz as a “buttload” of tubing.  Or that’s what I call it anyway.  I ordered tubes and bits for the next four bikes!  One cyclocross frame, one fixie, one super light road frame, and a disc brake commuter bike.  I’m stoked!
  • CNC’ed Paragon Machine Works dropouts for Greg’s fixie.  This will be my second time building a frame with these bottle opener dropouts.
  • I replaced the drive side dropout on this Bianchi frame yesterday.  The derailer got bumped out of alignment and sucked into the spokes at speed, ruining the entire dropout.  It was a good example of why you should always use a replaceable hanger.  At least it was something that I could repair.
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Another shot for cobraframes

Thanks Chris for another hot shot of me and Deep Gravy.